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We meet Tuesday nights at 6:30pm.

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Welcome to Trail Life USA, and Troop TN-0059!  We are a local Knoxville troop, chartered through First Baptist Concord.  If you are looking for an activity for your sons that will promote physical health, fellowship and development of their character and skills in a nurturing environment AND have a whole lot of fun in the process, you've come to the right place! (And if you have daughters, our sister troop, American Heritage Girls, meets here on the same night.)

Our Goals:

To offer a robust and adventurous program focusing on developing Godly young men and equipping them to be tomorrow's leaders -- in their families, churches, communities and for this nation -- to make a positive impact on our world in all the ways they can.  While we are a Christian-based organization, we are not "churchy" or "religious", but instead focus on outdoor adventure, character and leadership development.  We provide male-centered adult and youth leadership, staffed by volunteers.

Our Core Values:

We are Christ-Centered, Church-Owned and Operated, and Outdoor-Focused.  We teach safety, courage, leadership and moral integrity, with an approach that is youth-centered, character-focused and volunteer-driven.

Our Programs:

WOODLANDS:  K-5th Grade.  The Woodlands Trail is our introductory level.  Boys start off as a Fox, smart but small, and grow to become a Mountain Lion, protective and fierce.  The focus of the Woodlands program is KNOWLEDGE.

NAVIGATORS:  6th-8th Grade.  The Navigators is the second level of the Trail Life USA program, centered on middle-school boys.  Navigators start off as Trailman "Recruits" and learn and grow to become Able and Ready Trailmen.  In addition, Navigators have the option of developing through the Manhood Journey Discipleship.  The focus of the Navigators program is UNDERSTANDING.

ADVENTURERS:  9th-12 Grade.  The Adventurers is the third level and final level for the boys, as they will reach the age of adulthood at the end of this program.  Here they will Journey towards the new Horizon, and seek out Freedom.  They also have the option of joining the Band of Brothers or Vanguard Discipleship.  The focus of the Adventurers program is WISDOM.

Once a boy reaches adulthood, he is not left on his own.  The GUIDON Program is for young men ages 18-25.  The focus of the Guidon program is preparing these young men for LIFE.

Badges and Awards:

Our troop is constantly working to increase their knowledge, their leadership skills and their character.  One of the ways we continue their education is through the Awards  Program.  During their journey, they have access to at least 15 different badges, including camping, fire ranger, trail skills, first ad, personal resources, citizenship and many more.  Plus, upon reaching the Adventurers level, they will be able to work towards 3 awards:  The Journey Award, The Horizon Award and finally, the Freedom Award, the highest honor we bestow.

If your son has been an active Boy Scout member and working towards his Eagle Scout Rank, there is a transfer program in place where he can move into the qualifying for his Freedom Award without starting over.  Please ask our Troopmaster for details.

Come Join Us!

We are open to new members, and would love the opportunity to meet you, answer your questions and show you our troop.  All boys are welcome, irrespective of religion, race, national original or socio-economic status.

Contact Us for More Information

If you need directions or more information on our troop or the Trail Life USA program, please contact Troopmaster Dave Kirk at 865-659-4655 or email us at TLUTroopTN0059@gmail.com!

From Aug til May We meet every Tuesday at 6:30 pm at Concord Baptist Church, located at 11704 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37934. Contact Troopmaster Dave Kirk at 865-659-4655 or email us at TLUTroopTN0059@gmail.com for the summer schedule.