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Case Study: Tidewater Search and Rescue


TroopTrack has provided our search and rescue group a very convenient way to document, communicate, collaborate, and archive much more effectively than in the past.

Our information used to be spread across several different members using a variety of software packages and was a challenge to share and much less transparent. With TroopTrack, most of our group’s documentation is now available online to all of our members.

Everyone in our group has access to the group calendar to sign-up for events and can use the group email and texting features to effectively communicate with each other.

Members can upload and track their certifications and expiration dates, resulting in better transparency to our Training Officer. We can easily upload our most up-to-date documentation to TroopTrack so every member has convenient access to the current versions.

The developers at TroopTrack have been very accommodating by helping us tailor the software for the specific requirements of our search and rescue group.

~ Jim Russell, Search Team Leader, Tidewater Search and Rescue

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