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Long Cruise Badge (Sea Scouts)

The Long Cruise badge may be earned by both youth and adults registered in Sea Scouts. Once the individual has completed the requirements that follow, the Skipper submits an advancement report to the Boy Scout local council service center where the badges can be secured. It is recommended that all Sea Scouts and adult leaders qualifying for the Long Cruise Badge maintain a log of their cruising experiences. This log will be useful for Scout advancement, U.S. Coast Guard licensing, US Sailing certification, and chartering. A Sea Scout must be Ordinary rank before he or she can start recording cruising time for the Long Cruise badge. The Sea Scout must cruise for two weeks on any vessel or boat provided by the local council or the ship, or their own vessel when authorized by an adult leader in that Sea Scout ship. Each additional long cruise earned is marked by a red arc above the badge, until five such cruises have been completed. Then a single white arc replaces them above the badge. In the event that it is not possible to make a two-week cruise, a series of weekend or overnight cruises on any boat or ship may be made, provided that the total number equals 14 days. (Note: An overnight cruise lasts two days; a weekend cruise starting on Friday and ending on Sunday will be counted as three days.) There are no requirements regarding distance and number of miles. The Long Cruise badge is an achievement, not a badge of rank; therefore, an adult leader may qualify for the badge without qualifying for Ordinary rank.